Cixi Yifan Electric Co., Ltd.

Washing machine timer, reducer industry production base

Cixi Yifan Electric Co., Ltd. was established on 17th, Sep 2003, and we have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification. We are a professional manufacturer producing various kinds of timer, gear box, and other spare parts of washing machine. Now We have an international workshop of 7800 square meters. Company has: ①injection workshop, ②mold manufacturing workshop; ③spring workshop; ④product assembly workshop; ⑤parts workshop; ⑥finished product workshop; ⑦parts inspection workshop; ⑧ products testing workshop.

Yifan company has been committed to develop and manufacture timer and gear box since 20years ago, with China's advanced manufacturing equipment and rich experience....     more>>

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Cixi Yifan Electric Co., Ltd.
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